Ancient Raid Whitepaper

👋 Ancient Raid Team

Get to know the team behind the project.
Our team is made up of a diverse group of core members that have experience in blockchain development, project tokenomics and mechanics, systems and IT management, marketing and building multi-million dollar businesses, and P2E gaming.
This team was not formed randomly, they have been working together already for almost a year to build and develop together. And Ancient Raid was created by their desire to join forces and develop an exciting P2E project for players and investors.

Nick Peroni - Co-Founder

A reputable ecommerce expert based in United States, Founder of Ecom Empires, and a crypto enthusiast that's now investing in the uprising NFT gaming revolution.

DNS - Co-Founder

The community already get used to calling him as DNS, so he will appear as DNS with his server profile picture here. Graduated in Master of Information System, DNS started his career as an IT consultant in Thomson Reuters, Singapore. Currently he is the Head of Information Technology in a MNC Financial Firm. During the pandemic back in 2020, he started jump into Crypto space. DNS managed more than 100 scholars in few top flight P2E projects before co-founding Ancient Raid.

Sam Huang - Co-Founder / Gamemaster

Sam is a gamer since his childhood. When he started his adventure in the crypto world, the current GameFi projects on the market didn't easily satisfy him, so he decided to start designing his own game! After seeing the fall of many GameFi projects, he still believes that he and the team will able to bring the golden era of a P2E project. A good project requires not only a good team, but also a good community. "I believe we can do it."

Hsiang-Yu T. - Game Mathematician

Graduated from National Taitung University Major Information Engineering, Hsiang-Yu has work in the public sector for 3 years mainly in accounting work. He began actively in cryptocurrency during 2016 and plunged into the world of encryption. Starting to get more curiosity on the interaction between decentralization and centralization. With the rapid growth of the technology in the blockchain and the application tools, it drives Hsiang-Yu to become investor in various blockchain project especially in gaming space during the pandemic.

Jack Yan - Game Mathematician

Jack has more than 8 years of experience in supply chain management, production. Since the end of 2018, he has focused on digital assets, becoming a crypto enthusiast. Jack was actively involved in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain portfolio management. Currently, he is an experienced NFT/Meta/GameFi strategy specialist. To date, he has participated in more than 50 crypto projects.

GameFi - Development Team

A team of 5 out of China - 2 Fullstack Blockchain Developers, 1 Graphic Artist, 1 Marketing Manager, and 1 Project Manager. They have already built 3 successful crypto projects. They have their own GameFi community of avid P2E investors and players. And they are partners with us in developing the Ancient Raid project.

Matheus do Nascimento Silva - Graphic Designer

Matheus started to design things and create/edit videos during his sixteen. Later on he started creating small animations with instrumental sounds. Currently, Matheus is a Graphic Designer that assists customers to design their houses/buildings/commerce/shops in 3D together with VR 360° with various design software. And he has done a lot of work for this project.

Mar Guerrero - Advisor

Experienced Infrastructure engineer, became passionate about Crypto GameFi, and an NFT collectibles enthusiast. Worked for numerous big companies dealing with complex business logic.

Arvie M. - Advisor

IT in profession and a crypto enthusiast. Passionate about achieving strategic goals through a pragmatic and sustainable approach. A results-driven person with enthusiasm and ambition for different technologies. Has multiple experience in the field of marketing, and as well as experience on the admin side of things. The world of crypto has allowed me to expand on my knowledge and creates more opportunities. "You can’t stop progress!"

Louise - Advisor

Under grad student of I.T profession, currently pursuing Chef career, Crypto enthusiasts and knowledgeable about the blockchain have basic skills in programming, Business man and Gamer since day one.
"Trust cannot be proven unless a little is given first" - J Brown

Lead Moderators

While most of our lead moderators are operating with undoxxed names, you'll see them in the Discord and Telegram chats under their usernames (highlighted in Discord with the yellow lead moderator text color): Salaad, Konan, MathSup, KingLouCrypto, and Retro.
They come from different countries around the world, and have all been instrumental in building this project and community. From skills in tokenomics, rewards mechanics, community building and management, and more - they are a vital part of our team. And we appreciate their support.

Moderator Team

Our team of moderators is always growing. These awesome individuals help us manage our communities across Discord, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. They are instrumental in keeping our community informed, keeping the project filled with positive vibes, and supporting the team as we work to build something amazing. And we are thankful for their support.