Ancient Raid Whitepaper

🎮 Gameplay

How It Works

Ancient Raid is made up of Heroes, Warriors, and Demons. Heroes and Warriors fight together against the Demon bosses to earn rewards.
To play, you must have a team of 1 Hero + 5 Warriors.
Each Hero and each Warrior will be one of 5 Races: Gods, Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dragons.
Each Hero and each Warrior will also be assigned one of 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light.
There are 5 Hero characters to start, and 5 Warrior characters of each race. But since each will randomly be assigned an elemental attribute upon minting, there are thousands of potential combinations that can form your team.
It's your Hero that determines your team's attributes, and your Warriors add up to give your team a combined combat power to fight the Demons.
There are different levels of Demon bosses, and therefore higher levels of combined combat power you'll need to fight as the levels get harder.
You can increase your team's strength by upgrading your Hero or by earning Equipment for your team. You can also increase your team's combat power by having a Hero and Warriors all of the same Race, and/or all of the same Element.
The goal is to form your team and continue to upgrade their combat power by playing the game, so you can beat all the Demon bosses and earn rewards.
Elements play a key role in the strategy of Ancient Raid. Since the Demon bosses will have different elements at different levels, and since elements determine the effectiveness of your combat power against a boss, you'll want to understand how elements play a role in our game. Read the Elements section here.

Game Modes

There are 3 game modes in Ancient Raid:
  1. 1.
    Demon Bosses - earn RAID rewards
  2. 2.
    Equipment Levels - earn Equipment to strengthen combat power
  3. 3.
    Element Material Levels - earn Element Materials for upgrading Heroes

RAID Token

RAID is the only token of the game. It's a BEP20 token that is paired with BUSD.
RAID is the token used for in-game rewards; as well as the token needed to mint NFT characters, upgrade/revive Heroes, fight in battles, and other such in-game usage mechanics.
By creating an economy that both pays rewards in RAID and requires RAID to play the game, we feel we've created a balanced P2E ecosystem.