Ancient Raid Whitepaper

🔮 The Lore

In ancient times, a mighty angel descended from heaven.
Angered by the Gods who drove him out, the fallen angel opened a portal to the underworld and unleashed an army of Demons.
He became the Demon King. And with his Demon Hordes behind him, they waged war on the Gods for centuries.
The Gods could not withstand the powers of hell, and were eventually defeated by the Demons. So the Demon King trapped the Gods forever in a deep grave. And then released hell upon the world.
But one of the Gods escaped.
He summoned the 4 Races of the world to fight by his side - Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dragons.
He gave his power to the Heroes of these races, and together they built a group of elite Warriors to battle the Demon Hordes for survival.
He also showed the Heroes how to summon an ancient key that had the power to awaken more of the Gods that had been trapped. So they could build their resistance stronger together.
Now the war between good and evil rages all over the world.
Demon armies leave behind death and destruction everywhere they go.
The world's last hope lies in these chosen Heroes and Warriors, who sacrifice everything to fight against the Demons alongside the Gods.
Become a Hero, build your party of Warriors, and fight the Demons to save the world.