Ancient Raid Whitepaper

🥩V2 Staking

Yes, you can stake your RAID and earn RAID rewards!
Visit our Staking Page Here​
We have 2 Staking Pools you can choose from:
  1. 1.
    15 Days - Earn 1% Rewards
  2. 2.
    30 Days - Earn 3% Rewards
There is a 20M supply of RAID in the 15 days pool. And a 10M supply of RAID in the 30 days pool. Staking will last until those pools have been depleted.
V2 Staking require to own a HERO NFT in your wallet in order to stake your token, NFT staked in NFT Staking or Marketplace is not consider in your wallet.
You can stake on both 15 and 30 Days Pool concurrently.
Each pool only accepts one running stake. If you wish to add your staked amount on same pool, then you need to use another wallet.
Here are the instructions for staking your RAID:
1. Approve the Contract
2. Input the Amount you want to stake and click Deposit
3. After successfully depositing your RAID, the "Block: ###" button will indicate when your staking period ends. You can click the button to check the duration. (It's a bscscan timer based on the staking period you choose)
15/30 Days Pool:
1. In order to save on gas fees, the devs combined both pools into one contract, so you only need to approve one time.
2. Click "Change Staking Pool" to toggle between 15 Days and 30 Days pool.
V2 Raid Staking Contract: 0x162497dFee63F33f7b3e64A2f3Ceec9D0f9E2942

Here's A Video Demo of How To Stake Your Raid: